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QuestionCan a conservatory be converted into a extension?

I have an conservatory, about 7 years old, dwarf wall, and I wondered if to cut the costs it would be possible to convert this into a single storey extension. I dont know the dimensions, but from knowledged the footings looked quite substantial, the floor is solid concrete. My thought was, remove the glazing, continue the drawf walls to full height and put on a roof.

I would guess this, if possible, would greatly reduce the cost of an extension

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You will need Planning and building regs, the footings are almost uncertain to take an extension.
One of the things you will need to do is dig 2 or 3 holes down the sides of existing foundations and find the bottom of the concrete, should be minimum 1m deep, they will also need to be minimum 600mm wide.
In most cases its easier to demolish the conservatory, ( sell it on ebay ) and start afresh with proper building regs.


You will have to do a trial hole next to the base,to see if the foundations are sound enough normally around 1 metre deep.Also check with local authority and planning.

Ben Foster Building Services 16th Jan, 2012

you can under pin corners and upto openings then place catnics right around the wall area and into house wall save you under pinning whole area, you still have to have plans drawn and submitted to council, have already finished one like that about 10 to 12 thousand depending on size and area ok

B Murray Building & Brick/Stonework Specialist 17th Jan, 2012

you will have to do 3 trial holes around perimeter to see if current footings are 1m plus to satisfy building regs ,if they are not you will have to demolish and start again ,or you could underpin but just as costly as starting from scratch

substructure 16th Jan, 2012

You would need to check depth of foundation by digging down the side of it.In my expierience,its highly unlikely that it is deep enough and you are unlikely to save anything in the way of cost.

Roc builders 16th Jan, 2012

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