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Weed killer before laying weed membrane. ?

Hi I don't want to spoil the veg and flowers I have do I need weed killer before laying weed membrane. ...if yes what type to use....doing have to use on the whole soil or only where there are weeds...I am planning to put slate chippings. ..

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Hi, I would suggest spraying in low wind, using a pressure sprayer close to the weed and if possible covering anything nearby lightly until the weed killer drys. Taking overall caution should limit any damage to nearby flowers. Limiting cross contamination and overspray is key.

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Answered 30th May 2018

If you was to carry out weed spraying you should really have protected ppe on and make sure you have the nozzle as low as possible to the ground direct we’re you want it and make sure that it is not a windy day as it will spread and kill flower and other thing like plants and grass and yes I would defo spray the weed and then if you are laying some sort of stuff down then maybe a membrane layed out first then spread chipping on that and that should stop the weed pushing threw


Answered 10th Oct 2018

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