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Laying indian sandstone paving

I'm looking to lay some calibrated indian sandstone paving and I'm after some tips, I also have a few questions.
How deep should the mot type 1 be as it's only for walking on no vehicles?

Should I lay them on sharp sand and wack them down or dry cement or wet cement?

What is easiest mixed packs or same size slabs?

Also what's the difference between honed and tumbled is there much difference in the smoothness? I have a young family so don't want any trip hazards.

Thanks for your time.


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Only needs to be a couple of inches for foot traffic really you could always put a layer of limestone dust on top.....I lay them on a full bed wet mix and I prefer the mixed packs but obviously a bit more work goes into laying them 👍


Answered 29th May 2018

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