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We have a Victorian, stone garden wall which is crumbling and cracking in places (the mortar not the stone). It is still solid but does need maintenance.

What type of tradesperson would I need to address this (specialist or handyman?)

The neighbours have just fenced their wall off but I'm not convinced that hiding the problem is sensible!


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Stone mason that is well versed in using lime mortars, to often cement based mortars are used on period properties preventing the wall to breathe and often creating more damage in the long run.


Answered 26th May 2018

A bricklayer has to be skilled in the art that is reporting,that’s what you need,for all the old mortar to be racked out and reporting.


Answered 26th May 2018

A stonemason would be required with experience in using lime mortar. Wall needs to be raked back to solid material, wet down and repointed with 3x1 sand / nhl 3.5 lime mortar. This as said will allow the wall to breathe.


Answered 14th Jul 2019

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