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How to identify a dot & dab wall


I want to mount TV on my wall, which is facing the garden, how do identify if there are studs behind the plasterboard or is it a dot & dabs?

many thanks


Thanks all for replying..the outer wall is rendered possibly over breeze block i will try the knuckle method to see if i am getting some sort of pattern every 400-600 mm, or get a stud finder...

i wish we had x-ray goggles :)

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if you go along the wall tapping it with your knuckle you will hear a change in the noise where it is supported.
If these places are at regular intervals (400 - 450mm) and run in a line from the ceiling to the floor then they are studs.
If they are random it could be dot and dab.

Also, sometimes in the right light and at the right angle, you can see where the plaster board fixing are.

Answered 16th Jan 2012

Mark Coleman ~ Carpenter

Member since 28 Dec 2008

To find timber studs you can use a stud detector or by tapping on the wall with your knuckle till you hear a denser sound,then that's 1 stud found. Stud walls should be 400mm apart so measure from 1st point 400mm across to find other stud check by tapping, and so on.

For dot and dab, by tapping on the wall if it is hollow sound then denser sound in random places and not inline then its a good chance it's dot and dab. Dot and dab is only used on masonary background anyway. If its an masonary wall behind dot and dab you just need to use a longer drill bit and drill till you hit masonary then use longer fixing plugs and bolts for fixing TV bracket.
I hope this helps and good luck

Answered 16th Jan 2012

Scope Renovations

Member since 3 Oct 2008

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