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Is it fair to be charged for work that didn’t fix the problem?

I hired someone to fix the lock on an pvc front door that wouldn’t hold shut when pushed closed and would only latch closed if the handle was pushed up after pushing the door closed. When he came to quote for the work, the door did actually latch shut when pushed closed but I explained that this was not usually the case and usually the handle had to be pushed up for the door to hold in place. He told me it didn’t matter as he would change the lock. I also told him that while I was getting this job done I might as well get him to change the handle and letterbox at the same time to make the door look better.

I was away when he did the work but he invoiced me for the work with the message that the work had all been done. Speaking with my son who was at home, he said the workman had done the work but had told him something couldn’t be fixed. On questioning the locksmith he then told me he had changed the cylinder but the door mechanism was faulty and needed to be changed if I wanted the door to lock. He told me a new mechanism would cost around £300 if he was able to get hold of the same mechanism (which seemed doubtful). He told me he also changed the handle and letterbox and asked me to pay him asap.

This has left me with a door with the exact same problem it had before the work was done but with a new lock that doesn’t work and a new handle and letterbox. This is on a door that will now need to be thrown away and replaced with a new one (which seems better value than £300 + labour for a new mechanism).

I would have expected a decent tradesman to have realised the problem with the door mechanism if not at the time of quoting for the work then at least while fitting the cylinder and then stopped the work, put the old cylinder back and told me about the problem and asked if I still wanted the handle and letterbox changed as it would cost so much to fix the door mechanism. I would expect him then to charge me no more than reasonable labour for the work he had done (he was already at the house doing an additional £240 of work that I had no issue with). Instead he wants to be paid the full amount.

I understand that work has been done to change the cylinder, letterbox and handle but the door still has the problem I hired him to fix and I do not understand why he continued replacing the letterbox and handle on a door that he must have known would need to be replaced.

Any thoughts on how much I should pay him? The quote was £180 and he is asking me to pay the full amount. Thanks for any advice/comments.

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The basic principle of any good tradesman should always be '' payment upon satisfactory completion of the work ''

This hasn't been achieved so he needs to drastically reduce the payment required , personally if I had done a job and it hadn't worked I wouldn't charge.


Answered 24th May 2018

The simple answer is do not have a UPVC front door they look awful and yellow with age. If you must have a door that look like its plastic have an aluminium door powder coated.


Answered 30th Jun 2018

realistically he should have informed you it could not be repaired with a change of lock , and asked what you wanted to do before charging ahead changing the furniture on what was effectively a defective door with little chance of repair,
whilst I can understand he has called out and allocated that time to carryout your work sometimes you just have to take it on the chin if a job goes pear shaped through no ones fault,
how much you pay him is really entirely up to you but I do feel a call out charge and a change of lock is a fair price would not be happy at paying for furniture on a defective door this I feel should not have been carried out prior to a conversation with the customer saying the door is fixed when its not is wrong & bad practice

good luck alex


Answered 19th May 2018

No way if your a charity and you would like to give your money away then that’s up to you I can call round and collect £300.00 if it makes you feel any better it would be well appreciated lol.

But to be fair he did do some work which he should be payed for that you was happy with but if he could not fix the door then he should of worked with you to resolve the problem so he had a very happy customer. But some people aren’t bothered so why should you have been bothered to pay him I get your frustration but he should of only been payed for the satisfactory work that was completed


Answered 19th Nov 2019

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