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Is it a problem with the boiler, or water leak?

My conventional boiler (IDEAL "mexico" bought in 2008) keeps stopping.
The indicator shows "9" and "L".
When I look at the vessel next to the boiler, the water pressure is down to zero.
After adjusting the pressure, the boiler starts working again.
However, it breaks down every day, and I have to put the pressure up every time.
There isn't any sign of water leak.

Would anyone care to share your opinion?
It would be greatly appreciated.

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First of all please accept my deepest sympathies on your existing boiler. (in house humour other gas engineers may get)

Expansion vessel seems to have ruptured causing the symptoms you have described, time to call a Gas Safe engineer to investigate and make good repairs


Answered 19th May 2018

expansion vessle or a leak in concreete, also ideal boiler AVOID!


Answered 21st May 2018

Like the previous engineers have said, the expansion vessel is faulty or depleted. There will be a pipe going outside near the boiler, connected to the pressure relief valve. This is probably leaking after the boiler heats up. Call an engineer and he/she can check it out.

Thanks Vincent


Answered 22nd May 2018

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