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Laying a weed mat

I wanted to lay weed mat under my patio (not flower bed). Can I ask at what level should I lay the mat after the ground has been dug for patio? Is it under the cement-sand mix or over it?

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Unless there are weeds and roots there I would advise saving your money.

If there are weeds and roots there they need removing before you do anything else. The weeds will die off when you put the slabs down, but roots, as in tree type roots, can continue to grow even if there is nothing more than the roots. They are strong and they will lift the patio whether you have a weed mat down or not.

Any and all visible roots should be removed before doing anything further and if you are bothered about weeds, put some road salt or even normal table salt over the area as though you are trying to melt snow.


Answered 21st May 2018

Hi there,

If you are laying slabs you will be laying a layer of type 1 hardcore and compacting, the weed control fabric should go into between the soil and the type 1 to prevent the particles within the type 1 being drawn into the soil thus weakening the foundation.


Answered 6th Aug 2018

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