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Radiator not getting very warm

I'm looking for advice. the radiator in the bedroom only gets luke warm. other radiators in the house are really hot but this one only just gets warm. the radiator has a thermastatic value which is open full. I have also checked for air in radiator and it is ok. do I need a new radiator?

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Hi, No you don't need a new radiator, its a simple case of balancing your system. go to the hot radiators and turn the lock shield side of these rads down half way! not the thermostatic valve! that's there to conform and monitor that rooms temp,to the no. its on etc! once you have done this the load will them find its way to your problem radiator. Just try a few of the hot ones, don do all of them if you don't have to.

Should be fine, but i always recommend a drain down,flush and plenty of inhibitor to be added!!

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Answered 13th Jan 2012

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Hi a very simple possible explanation is that the trv "pin" is stuck unscrew the head and push down on the exposed pin with something hard as it is quite tight, the pin should move down about 2-4 mm and spring back up if not you may just need a new valve.

Answered 16th Jan 2012

S.P. Corke

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There are a few possibilities to explore before getting a new radiator fitted.
First check the valve on the other side-lockshield valve, open this a few turns and see what happens, this might a affect the performance of the rest of the house but they should still work fine.
There might also be an airlock in the pipe work to the radiator, this might be a bit more tricky to get out, as you'll need to 'force' water to this radiator by closing all the valves on the other radiators, but you might damage your boiler if it's not protected by a by'pass valve or heat sink radiator.
Sludge is also a factor in radiators warming up, you might need to get someone in to have a look at the condition of the water in your system and then get it powerflushed.
Hope it helps

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Answered 13th Jan 2012

Monster Plumbing

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