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Problems with new patio

I've just had a new patio laid and foolishly paid full amount. it's kandla grey sandstone and I asked for dark grey mortar. the builders first attempt at one half of the patio didn't work and came out brown - they couldn't explain why- so they suggested we use black mortar and they hammer out the brown. But all that's happened is that they made the mortar thicker in the half that failed and there is black mortar everywhere on the flags - very messy and looks awful and you csn still see the brown!! they said it would jetwash off but it's not moving. how can I get the black mortar off the flags? Also some of the flags are moving and the builders aren't returning my calls!!!

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Brick acid, although don't scrub to much or you may start to break down the flags.


Answered 14th May 2018

Yes brick acid but be careful it may bleach some of the grey from the slabs, I would point them with a grey resin based grout easily available such Joint it, Easy pave there are a few on the market, you can get both light and dark grey and very very easy to apply it does not stain the slabs


Answered 30th Oct 2018

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