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Is it necessary to remove capping from roofline before installing facias/soffits?

When a new roof was installed the roofer capped the roofline. Is this common? and is it necessary to remove this capping to re-fit new facia/soffits which are to be boxed in because rats are running through the soffits on a terraced property.
I have the guys coming back on Monday to fit and they said they had to remove the capping as they don't know what is behind this

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Hello, it is very common and a cheaper option than to replace the old fascia boards, i wouldn’t recommend to any of my customers to cover old fascia boards or Soffits and would always explain why but on that odd occasion when a customer wants it done I would only do so if I knew the old Fascias or Soffits wasn’t rotten and were very solid to get a good fixing. I would always recommend old fascia boards or Soffits be ripped off and go back to the rafters and start from scratch. I hope this has answered and helped you with your question and I hope all goes well.

Regards Keelan


Answered 11th May 2018

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