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Questionlooking to reseal windows to stop drafts

Looking for an idea of how to reseal windows to.excludr drafts and keep heat in, not sure if the stuff can be bought from diy stores to do myself or looking fot a quote to have someone do it.3 bed mid terrace 7 windoes 2 doors.

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I am assuming these are upvc windows and doors. If so then new rubbers can be purchased and are very easy to fit yourself as they simply push into channels in the profile. It is important to squeeze the rubbers in with exess so that as the oils dry and the rubber shrinks slightly they remain long enough to exclude the draught. You should be able to purchase at any window and door specialist but prob not diy stores.

Hope this helps Dave

dwpcutler Carpentry 12th Jan, 2012

Hi, I am a Velux window specialist, and good seals can certainly make a difference on any window.

You could replace the existing seals with new equivalents from a good window parts supplier, just take a small sample section with you, it is sold by the metre. (no substitute for the original)

I would then advise posting the work on “My Builder” for a professional quote for the work.

If they are older or timber style windows and doors try a product called Storm-guard, this is white/brown neoprene type seal, available from most DIY outlets. Just remember to clean the area you intend to stick it to, with warm soapy water, and dry then use a good all purpose handy wipe to remove silicone/other dirt residue.

PMV Maintenance 12th Jan, 2012

in this case it might be prudent to get someone in to rectify the problem for you. As a company we normally inject expanding foam and finish off with correct grade/colour of silicone. Usually very expensive to buy from the main DIY suppliers. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any further queries.

Pennine Glazing and Windows Limited 12th Jan, 2012

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