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Building sand and patio laying

I am having a patio laid and the landscaper has asked that I change the sharp for building sand. I also have cement and MOT Type 1 ordered. I am having sandstone laid. Is a building sand/cement mix okay or should they be using sharp/cement?

Thanks for your help.

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Building sand is wrong, it has to be sharp sand, its not strong enough, a scientific fact recognised across the industry, globally. If its Indian stone it needs a cement/sbr/water bond on the bottom of every slab too. Don't use brush in pointing either unless its two part epoxy. This is how Stone market and Marshalls do it. I would get someone else to do it if he doesn't even know what type of sand to use. You should have a membrane beneath the MOT, of which there should be at least 75mm, properly compacted.


Answered 9th May 2018

Sharp/Grit sand is necessary, as it provides better drainage, and adheres to the newly laid flags better, being that they are not open to air.
There are other 'special' mixes available to use these days, but the traditional sharp sand is still fine to use.


Answered 10th Jan 2019

I would always use sharp for paving slabs, building sand for the walls etc.


Answered 14th Jan 2019

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