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I have a typical 3 bed semi utility to the side of the kitchen .

how easy to knock through the kitchen and make the utility part of the kitchen , changing the flat roof for a sloping pitched roof at the same height as the kitchen one ,what sort of price range would i be looking at for this , to include insulation , plasterboard's and finishing etc

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You will need planning and building regs, its impossible to give a cost of the works on the information you have supplied.
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Answered 11th Jan 2012

You will need planning building regs & structural engineers report.Impossible to price as you have not given any sizes.


Answered 12th Jan 2012

BJD building and MW building hit the nail on the head good advise.


Answered 16th Jan 2012

Calculate the square meters by 1200 pounds and that should give you an idea of costs. Good lick


Answered 11th Jan 2012

Easy enough job to do taking about 7-10 days costing approx 7,000 -10,000 this would include plastering, sockets, lights, rsj's, pitched tiled roof and floor


Answered 11th Jan 2012

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