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Hi, after removing my old patio slabs I find a rather wet clay/sand sub grade. I have dug down and excavated to find an even wetter base of clay and sand. Should I put some sort of membrane down before I whack my mot type 1? Will the hardcore be ok once compacted? Thanks for any advice given.

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Definately put down terran/membrane. You could also put down stabilising mesh like Geogrid if you wanted. You should really find out why its wet, solve the problem and remove any soft patches and soil. If you have clay, i'd suggest getting a site visit and advice from a professional. At the very least ensure you put more than enough drainage in and connect it to the top water system.


Answered 1st May 2018

First step is to find the source of the water. By installing sufficent drainage around the area you can direct the water ingress in whichever direction you choose with channel drains. Make sure you put in a damp proof membrane underneath a 100 mm sub base to harden up the area. These tips should help you stop the water logging.


Answered 16th Sep 2018

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