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1950s semi detached house open plan kitchen

hi my question is do i need any kind of permission to make our house open plan kitchen?

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Hello Marcos,

The permissions required depend on the circumstance of the building and the extent of your proposals.

If you are making any structural, and even layout changes, then you will need to have Building Control sign-off your works, either by making a full plans application before the works commence, or have inspections as the works progress. Even electrical wiring changes could need Building Control sign off.

You can either apply to your councils Building Control department or use a private Approved Inspector (AI). AI's are generally more proactive in suggesting an alternative to anything that might otherwise not quite be accepted, while a Building Control officer might refuse something without suggesting an alternative solution. Approved Inspector fees are now nearly the same as a Building Control department fees, and as they are your consultant they will be more proactive in finding a solution to pass your proposals.

The other consideration is if your building is a Listed Building. If it is, you will need to determine what grading it has been listed at, and what particular aspects of the building have been listed e.g. historic details such as windows, cornice, roof, doors even floors, panelling, paint and wallpaper etc. might have been listed, to be protected and preserved. Changes to anything listed will require Listed Building Consent along with planning consent. It is also possible that even if not listed, it may still have a specific character that is protected by a Conservation Area, and will then require Conservation Area consent. In these cases, any design proposal should show how you are helping to protect the 'listing' or special character, and a good considerate design could still be approved.

Always best to contact your council, and have any advise confirmed in writing.

I hope this is useful, and happy to answer any further questions.

Kind Regards

Robert A


Answered 24th Apr 2018

Hi Marcos i personally think that you do need to contact your council for your building regulations inspector. They can advise you more together with your builder if you need knocking walls what tipe of RSJ’s you can have or if you need any at all . I recently open planned my kitchen and need to go through building regulations ,even though its an internal work you are doing and not changing structure of the house externally you still might endanger the house by knocking walls internally. Kind regards


Answered 23rd Apr 2018

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