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Hi, are bar mixer shower valves fixed to the wall separately from the pipework?

Concerned that unlike other mixer valves, bar mixers appear to have no wall fixing, but rely on the pipework to hold them in position. Can this be a potential problem? We are about to put our shower room renovation out to tender, and need to think about which type of mixer valve we would like. Our pipework can be buried in the wall, or (stainless) surface mounted. We don't mind which.

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bar mixers tend to not have a wall plate or a fix to the wall, they tend to just screw to a 3/4 male connection which secures it.

Answered 10th Jan 2012

gas engineer/plumber

Member since 10 Jan 2012

You can get a bar shower fixing kit, they make fitting easy, the two mounting flanges screw in to the wall making a good solid fixing. You get two round chrome covers to give a great finish.

John Renshaw
Aquafit Ceramics

Answered 10th Jan 2012

Aquafit Ceramics

Member since 23 Nov 2011

Hi, yes the bar mixwe as you call it fix to hot and cold pipes never had any probs, looks good nice and neat good luck colin.

Answered 10th Jan 2012

Rigsby Handyman

Member since 14 Aug 2009

Yes both methods of pipe work can be used for a bar mixer,some types of mixer eg some miras have fixing plate also! but i reccommend surface chrome pipe work, easy,quicker,and looks nice if done well! the model needs to be able to have surface pipe work, but some have a kit,or a back plate option... consult a decent plumbs!


Answered 11th Jan 2012

kelly plumbing Heating & gas

Member since 4 Jan 2012

Your best option is to use a recessed wall mounting kit . this allows the pipe work to be connected to the fixing bracket then made good and then tiled leaving two chrome plated threads sticking out use the cover plates supplied attach bar shower using the rubber washers supplied tight up job done

Answered 11th Jan 2012

amber heating and plumbing ofte

Member since 16 Jun 2010

Your thoughts are just the same as mine ,as an installer i dont like fitting them, because if someone slips in the shower it becomes a grab rail, and your thoughts are correct but they now do a fixing kit .Never tried it.

Answered 10th Jan 2012

sovereign plumbing and heating

Member since 23 Nov 2011

Best left to an experienced fitter but there are two ways I know of fitting these valves
1/a manifold is fitted the pipes conect to this, boarding and tiling completed then the valve fitted to the manifold.
2/(the way I do it)Fix a pair of backplate elbows at 150mm centre, complete board and tiling then fit the valve to the backplate elbows.

The measurments and deapth of centres and fittings are critical hence best left to an experienced fitter.

Hope this helps-Kevin.

Answered 10th Jan 2012

kevin cassidy building contractors

Member since 16 Dec 2010


I have fitted many of these type of bar mixer valves and you are right it is a little daunting that they are held in place by only the pipe-work !

A solution I have found is to either

1 To fix a surface mounted chrome fixing plate on the finished wall.
These are available for £ 20.00 from Tool Station. They have the standard
150mm centers. A simple highly polished chrome plate with thre chrome
fixing screws. (Fitted on the finished wall surface). 15mm compression
to the rear, and 3/4"" male fittings to the front to accept the female
shower swivel fittings.

2 Bristan, (available from any decent plumbers merchant), produce an
interesting product, which I fitted today ! cost circa £ 25.00
These are two seperate brass mounting plates, again that are
fitted to the finished wall surface. The 15mm pipe-work is left
protruding from the wal at the correct centres prior to plasreing.
The mounting plates are placed over the pipes, secured by an olive
and a special 'bridging' fitting.

This fitting secures the inlet pipe-work, allows a round chrome
cowel, to be screwed over and again has the 3/4"" male thread to
accept the bar mixer female fittings.

Hope this is of some help



Answered 11th Jan 2012

Southsea Plumbing, Heating, Electrical & Gas Services

Member since 8 Nov 2010

Hi my name is Mark,
In answer to your question.
Yes the pipe work can old the mixer, then the collars tighten up to your tile work clamping the mixer valve in place.
Alternatively there are wall brackets sold separately which are fitted then tiled over.

Answered 11th Jan 2012

M G Plumbing & Heating

Member since 19 Jan 2009

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