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Loft conversion lights not working but other lights on the same circuit are.

We have a loft conversion with a bedroom and en-suite with a small loft space for storage. Yesterday I noticed the lights in the conversion have stopped working (ceiling spotlights) bathroom light, storage area light and a light just outside the bedroom door. Checked the fusebox and nothing had tripped, plus all the other lights on the middle floor (which i presume are on the same circuit marked UPSTAIRS LIGHTS on fusebox) are working ok. We also have an extractor fan in the loft conversion which has gone off. It is usually turned on/off at the same 3 way switch as the bathroom light and the storage area light. All the sockets are working fine in the conversion too. Any idea what it could be? I've tried switching off mains. thanks

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Best call an electrician. Hard to diagnose remotely.


Answered 22nd Apr 2018

Hello, In my view there could be 3 causes without having a visual inspection of your home.
1. They may of fed the switches from the loft space coming down the wall and you may of dislodge a cable by snagging something on it in the storage area if it is not floored properly.
2. For all lights to not work a cable must of broken or come loose from the JB or the first light switch. This would require a Electrician to come and check all accessories to ensure sound connection.
3.They could of fed the lights from the sockets through a FCU which I hope would a 5amp fuse it in. might be worth looking around for one and changing the fuses if you don't know what they do or are unmarked, alternatively check your electric certificate and see in the description what electrical work has been done and where.


Answered 22nd Apr 2018

If there is not a circuit on your consumer unit that relates to the loft extension, I would presume the installers have tapped into the existing upstairs lighting circuit and/or upstairs ring main to supply the power and lights to the loft extension. What some installers do is install a non switched fused spur when tapping into these circuits and the 13amp or 5amp BS1361 fuse has blown possibly due to a light bulb blowing. I would look in the storage area for a non switch fused spur and replace the fuse. I would recommend switching off the main switch at the consumer unit (as you do not know what circuit is controlling the loft extension) before replacing the fuse to be safe. I hope this helps.


Answered 22nd Apr 2018

Most likely a loose connection at on of the lights or ceiling roses

Call an electrician please


Answered 5th Jan 2019

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