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Double socket above an oven

Firstly, I'm not sure what section this should have gone in - it could be gas/electrical or kitchen fitting - so apologies if this is incorrect.

I've got a live double socket above my oven (it's been there since I moved into the property). We bought a new gas oven but the engineer refused to install because of the double socket. I said I'd get a blanking plate installed - they said it couldn't be plastic as the oven has no lid so is considered combustible. I said I'd get a metal blanking plate fitted but they also said that these are only metal plated and are still considered combustible.

What is correct? Could you point me to any regulations? And what do you recommend I should do as I need the oven installed urgently!


Additional info: Thanks for the replies. Sorry should have made it clear, it is a gas cooker wth gas hobs. I can understand the dangers of having a working socket above the cooker but if it was blanked off with a metal cover plate would that still pose a problem. Thanks again

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Section 5.2 of the Electrician's Guide to the Building Regulations (covering Approved Document P) states that there must be no sockets or accessories (cooker hoods excepted) above gas or electric hobs, nor within 300mm at worktop level from the edge of the cooker/hob (This might be different in Scotland). This is to avoid the possibility of sustaining burns leaning over an in-use hob to use the accessory/socket.

However - in your case there is some doubt as you say have an "oven": I assume from this that there is no hob - neither gas nor electric - associated with the oven (ie: a "cooker"). Perhaps you could confirm?

If this is an oven (only), then there is nothing that I can readily find to suggest it should not be installed - notwithstanding there may be other relevant facts that may not have been disclosed.

One thing you should consider is whether the existing socket lies "close to", and above the oven's exhaust: In my opinion, it would not be advisable for these to be close together.

...Later: Just seen your reply about it being a cooker with hob - thanks for the clarification.

Metal blanking plate would - in my mind - be ok, with a couple of provisos (note - these are my suggestions - I can't find any specific regulations to address this):
1) as long as the back box / pattress box that the socket outlet is screwed into is NOT plastic (and is therefore metal), and
2) that the metal back box is recessed into the wall such that a blank metal plate cover would be more or less flush with the surface of the wall.

The cable to the now redundant box should be safely terminated within the box and ideally be isolated from the supply.

You would need to get a registered competent electrician to do this work though, as alterations to circuits in the kitchen must be notified to your local building control.

Answered 11th Jan 2012

A Brighter Spark

Member since 22 Dec 2011

To be honest I'm uncertain as I am not a qualified gas engineer I am unable to do this type of job. However every house my partner and I have lived in have had gas hobs and double sockets above the must depend on the positioning. Try looking on google for gas hob installation regulations UK.

Answered 11th Jan 2012

1 Stop Maintenance

Member since 6 Jan 2012

As a gas engineer I wouldn't install the cooker even with a metal blanking plate replacing the existing socket because metal conducts heat and you would have live PVC covered cables behind the blanking plate that could melt.

Trevor Hinchliffe

Answered 10th Jun 2012

Trevor Hinchliffe

Member since 10 Jun 2012

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