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Dripping mixer tap


I havua mixer tap that is dripping. Not sure if this is a cartridges or washer. I cant remove the taps as they don't come off.. I can only remove the spout and get to the o rings but these look fine. There is no screw to remove the tap so im not sure how to get to the washers or cartridge. The blue and res caps don't remove either.


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Hello Mrs Manson,

you should be able to remove the bodies of the tap however depending on the brand you may find it a lot easier to try and replace the tap as appose to the bodies, it is most likely going to be the cartridge or washer. There may be a round circular blank that comes off and will have either a screw or grub screw behind it. once removed the head should come off which will expose the body. just make sure that you turn the water off prior to removing the bodies.

good luck!


Answered 25th Apr 2018

if you have valves for the hot and cold switch these off one at a time to establish which side is letting by... then when you have worked out how to get the valve body out. if its a ceramic disc type.. if its not showing any signs of cracks or chips you can sit this in white wine vinegar over night and it should remove any discrepancies on the disc. reinstall and check for water tight... if its a washer type then you can purchase a washer repair kit fir cheaper than a set of taps. good luck


Answered 25th Apr 2018

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