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When we bought our property nearly 13 years ago the garden had been leveled out in parts as it was on a considerable slope. Our garden is level with the garden for the property to the right hand side of us but approximately 1meter higher than the garden of the property to the front. We now want to install a BBQ hut and have been advised that although this will be acceptable under permitted development a planning application will be required as over 50% of the garden has already been developed. Other than a slabbed patio area which is supported by a retaining wall and covers 3/4 of the rear of the garden there are no other buildings or extensions. We have proposed that the hut sits in the 1/4 of the garden which has not been slabbed and does not have a retaining wall . Can anyone clarify if the patio (which has been in place for who knows how long) is considered as a permitted development? We seem to be going round in circles with planning resolving one issue when they introduce another. Grateful for any advice.

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Short answer yes


Answered 29th Apr 2018

Unfortunately although its not ideal the short answer is yes.


Answered 17th Feb 2019

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