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Bathroom ceramic tiles - small hump

Hi, my bathroom has just been done anew. The existing tiles were removed and a 10mm plywood board was screwed on top of the existing wood (normal flooring, modern house). There now is a small hump - it feels as if the floor is ever so slightly higher in the middle. The tiler when advised said that since it is a "3 sides tiling" , that is i believe both floor and side walls have the same large ceramic tiles, the tiled floor may develop a small hump. I honestly don't feel to confident in the tiler reply, i would appreciate any help since i do not really know what to say or do. Thanking you in advance,


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sounds more like the ply was not screwed down tight enough in the middle hence the hump ,but without actually seeing it cant say for sure


Answered 10th Jan 2012

sorry dont understand statement" 3 sides tiling" this has nothing to do with a hump in the floor .the plywood will take the contour of your floor if the lump is in the ply then there may be debris under that area of ply and the ply has not been screwed down tight to the existing floor


Answered 10th Jan 2012

If there is a bump in the floor before there , will be one afterwards without a leveling process being carried out .You say "ever so slightly" so it is a matter of degree, but if you are not satisfied discuss it with him and see your options.


Answered 16th Jan 2012

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