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I have recently noticed that the roofing felt under my tiles is considerably frayed and in some parts missing where it overhangs into the gutters.

Is this a problem? I heard that such felt could contain asbestos fibres. Is this true?

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Hi,, sarking felt is the endthat lapsover into the guttering to allow water run off. Over a long period of time the tiles/slate move, vibrate in the wind up and down and hit the top of the fascia board and some times cut the felt at that point, this done it allows water penertration via wind movement to ingress to the timbers inside and you know what that means,, one of the best and secure ways of dealing with this is to replace the first 1 mtr up the roof with new,, thisin achieved by removing the first four rows of tiles/slates and baterns/ cutting away the rot and torn felt normally about 6" lifting the rest up and installing a new length under making sure you leave enough hanging out to go into the gutter,, simply replace what tiles/slate you removed in a reversed action and rebed in cemment the ends to prevent ingress there.

good solid solution hope this helps with you questions

Answered 14th Jan 2012

Architecural construction

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Felt is only a secondary defence against the elements, a lot of roofs were laid with no felt without any problems.
To renew the felt the tiles would have to be stripped from outside.

Answered 9th Jan 2012


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hi, there is no asbestos fibre in old sarking felts, it seems to me that the felts on your roof have started to perish, best solution is to post for a quote on here and get some advise, by all means you can call us and we can provide a quotaion for any works free

Answered 9th Jan 2012

cj roofing services

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the felt running into the guttering is always the first bit of felt to wear because it is exposed to all the elements,
it allows the water to run into your gutter and away from the roof if missing it can cause the facia boards to rot and cause dampness,
it can be replaced with plastic gutter trays without a lot of expense and is a pretty straight forward job for an experienced person.
as far as iam aware their is at this moment in time no govermenmt warning on sarking felt containing asbestoes or the safe handling / disposing of sarking felt due to it dangerous nature.
their is however on the goverment asbestoes web site a warning that you are breathing asbestoes in everyday due to its high useage in the building industry in the 70s

Answered 9th Jan 2012

ADR Property Maintenance

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That is nomal wear and tear of old felt,it shouldn't cause any problems if your tiles/slates are all in tact.

Answered 9th Jan 2012

Spencer Construction

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yes yes and yes

Answered 9th Jan 2012


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