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Need advice on covering fire before plastering the wall

my chimney breast needs to be plastered, i have a hole in the wall conventional gas fire on that wall. the fire has black trims around them i don't want the plasterer to ruin my fire. although the plaster is a clean worker i don't want to take any chances. what tape should i use so the pain work on the trims don't come off. i was planning on putting a bin liner over the fire and sticking it down with masking tape to the edge is this going to take the paint on the trims off. are there any other tape i should use. also how long can i leave the tape around the trims?

any ideas

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im a plasterer and would use doubled up cling film with low tack masking tape around the trim that should do the trick


Answered 9th Jan 2012

most fires the trims around the edge are normally cover strips which can be took off. im not 100% that this is how yours is. but i would check first if they do come off, would make life a whole lot easier for you and the plasterer.
if its this type then they should come off. (copy and paste link into address bar)


Answered 9th Jan 2012

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