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Urgent help with wet underfloor boards

Hi, I am worried and not sure where or how to go about fixing this , I have for the past week or 3 had electrics tripping so got a Electrian in after the rcd to our board would no longer stay on,,anyway we finally found the problem being in sitting room area , so the sockets were isolated and he coming back tomorrow to rewire the front room ,,, in the mean time I lifted the carpet and a floorboard and found the reason the electric is gone in here is cause the floor under the boards Is soaked and the main timber that holds the boards up is soaked in places ,,, I have pictures, I thought it was coming from leaking radiator it was that wet but there doesn’t seem to be any water coming out of the pipes for those , I think it maybe coming from the front of house main wall as there is brick weave drive quite high up the property line , years ago when I moved in I dug around the out side of the house and put shingle in at an attempt to make soak away , wonder if that could be a cause , I also have a drainpipe that comes down the front of house and don’t know where it leads to,, so I am pretty much clutching at straws as to how to go about fixing this ,, we really don’t have money at the moment so will have to attempt to do this work myself although I could labour for someone who knows what they are doing ,, please any advice and just to add the brick work that holds the floor up has given way where it was so damp and the wood has rotted so the floor was moving in the area I pulled the boards up ,
I’m baffled as to where the water is coming from and is it normal to see this much damp under the floor boards? I only seem to have one air brick to the front of the house ,,

The drive level is also not far from the damp course say around 2 inches but is shingle stones , Imcould this be getting in here and if it is any idea why I also have damp in middle of diving wall away from main front wall of house ,?thanks for any advice

Just like to thank you Mike, I dug up the down pipe drain part and it had cracked underground and been leaking for god knows how long, so I am now getting some new guttering (round stuff ) and am fixing the clay pipe with epoxy resin and will also have new pipe pushed far down into it as the square stuff that was there never did fit in the hole anyway! plus waters been leaking off the guttering for ages leaving big puddles in close front of the house so hopefully the guttering will be a good start , then I brought 9 plastic airbricks to install and I have dug a trench around the front of house where I will put shingle and leave a space up to the damp course line,, having a drive that was put to high up the house line didn't help!

thanks again mike spot on advice

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The first point of call should be to find out where the down pipe is discharging too,its common for down pipes to discharge into a soak away and can cause problems with sub floors.
A lack of sub floor ventilation will cause huge damage to brickwork and timber,air bricks should be spaced at 1.5-2.0mtr apart on each elevation.
Ground level ideally should be 2 brick causes below DPC.
Hope this helps.

Thanks for the message,im pleased you found the problem.I hope it all goes well.
Regards Mike.


Answered 11th Apr 2018

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