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Should i replace my own 5 lever lock?

I need to change my 5 lever lock for front door but am unskilled!!! Is it an easy job I can try myself or can it all go horribly wrong?! Thanks

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Hi. It could be ok. If the new lock is of the same size and shape then it might just be a swap over. But if not then you will need to either adjust the cut out and/or re-drill holes. Have a go and if it does not fit then get a price for fitting. It should not take long for a pro to fit it.

Hope this helps

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Answered 9th Jan 2012

Hi, it should only be a case of removing the retaining screws and removing the old lock. take the old lock with you to get a new one, so you get the same size and type of lock. Then just replace it in the mortice replace screws. job done.
Hope this helps.
Regards roger


Answered 9th Jan 2012

Hi,providing you get the same lock it is just two screws.The best thing to do is take the lock out,take it with you so it can be matched to the new one when you buy it.




Answered 9th Jan 2012

If the new lock is the same size as the existing then its easy enough to do, but if the housing needs cutting out etc you could come unstuck.
A carpenter wouldnt charge a lot to do it, plus he will have all the right tools.


Answered 9th Jan 2012

It will be straight forward if you are replacing the lock with an IDENTICAL lock (same brand and size) . Look on the face plate (on the side of the door) to see if it is has a brand name. Then for size just measure from the front edge of the door to the middle of the key hole (usually around 2 inches).

Alternatively, if you have another lock on the door you can use or someone can house sit for a while, take the lock out and take it with you to the shop to make sure you get the right one. Then if you can't find one, re-fit it back in the door and get a locksmith or handyman in to fit a new one.

It starts to get tricky when the casing of the new lock is a slightly different shape or size and the door has to be chiselled to make it fit. Just remember not to throw the old lock away until the new lock is in and working!

Hope that's of help


Answered 9th Jan 2012

Hi Julie Smith,

It's an easy job, Take out the two screw's out from the lock, on the edge of the door (there may be a face plate, which you'll have to lever off with two more screws underneath that which you'll have to remove as well) Then lever out the lock from the's that simple... Take your lock shopping, or to your local Ironmongers (they will be able to match it 99% of the time) If it has a latch on it as well, they will also turn that around to suit...

Kind regards



Answered 10th Jan 2012

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