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Ceiling replacement

Living room ceiling measuring 8m x 4m has been water damaged due to leak from bathroom above the ceiling, insurance is agreeable to have ceiling replaced. I would like the new ceiling to be sound proof and smooth . Which are the best materials to use , and there will be spotlights fitted Also, are there new regs for new ceilings, is loft insulation used ?

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Firstly the existing ceiling will need taken down in total and disposed of. New sound insulation slab would then be inserted 150/200mm thick. Insulation roll can be used but is more suitable to warmth for lofts etc.

wiring for the spots would then be inserted and a measured drawing saved. Clad the ceiling with 15mm blue Sounbloc boards and skim.

Refer to your saved drawing and cut out the holes for the spotlights in the designed format and used a fire rated spotlight with led bulbs.

Once the ceiling is dry apply three coats of matt emulsion. (water down the first coat to take away any suction).


Answered 7th Apr 2018

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