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Bathroom tiling

I'm having my bathroom refitted and I'd like to have the same tiles on the wall and floor to create a sleek, continuous look. However, some people have advised me not to tile on top of wood floorboards, and others have said it should be fine as long as I put plywood down first, and then other have said even then the floor will move and crack. I'm really unsure what to do. (I'll be having a proper tiler to tile the floor if I do it, but is it advisable?)

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Don't worry, tiling onto wooden floors is fine.
If you have plywood put down to level out the floor first and then use flexible adhesive and grout, you won't get cracking.
When you find a local tiler, they will advise you of the same thing.

It will look GREAT!


Answered 9th Jan 2012

Hi kaleigh,

You'll get the same advice here most probably...

You can't lay tile's directly on floor boards....but it is usually fine to lay tile's on top of 12mm ply, over floorboards if they are fixed well, sound condition etc...

I usually remove floorboards just in case, especially with underfloor heating....


Answered 9th Jan 2012

You shouldnt ever tile on floorboards.Whoever told you to put plywood down is correct as long as the floor boards beneath are secured properly.A tiler will advise you with regards to adhesive etc but the bottom line is that tiling your floor IS feasible.


Answered 9th Jan 2012

as above , but it is also a good idea to lay ditra matting to the floor before tiling if practicle to do so this will mean abit more expense but where it is visable will make the world of difference as far as flexability of the substrate is concerned, bare in mind though this will raise the floor level yet again


Answered 19th Jan 2012

It is possible to tile direct to floorboards, but the boards need to be in perfect condition with no gaps and screwed to the floor joists, then you can use a two part flex adhesive ( Bag and a bottle ), but as stated above it is advisable to overlay with 10 mm ply, screwed at 300 mm centers & 150mm at board joints.
You should also make sure there is no movement in the floor joists, or too much spring in the floor.


Answered 13th Jan 2012

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