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The grout lines in our old fireplace are small and in some places non existent, how should I go about regrouting these? Also what is the best product to use for cleaning up old grout and tiles? Your advise would be helpful, thanks

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do not use a grout rake, and i repeat do not use a grout rake, if this is an old fire place the chances are that the tiles will be ceramic and rake will score them. The grout spaces are uneven due to the tiles having been set without spacers, if the grout isnt loose and you just want to clean it up try a small finger nail brush and bicarbonate of soda mixed to a paste with water, wear gloves to protect your hands.


Answered 27th Mar 2011

go to a diy store and get your self some ceramic tile cleaner,and use a powdery flexible grout it will be fine ,or look for a ceramic tiler on this site in your area and get them out to look at it hope this helps


Answered 19th Mar 2011

You need to remove old grout with a grout rake £5.50 from topps tiling. Hoover all dust and bits up, making sure no debris is left in gaps. Replace with good flexible grout, I use bal products which is bit expensive but worth it in the long run. Finish off getting good finish on gaps, leave for a couple of hours then polish. Leave for 24 hrs then clean with tile and stone stain remover. Will come up like brand new. Hope this helps you

Mark. Taps tiling and plumbing services


Answered 20th Mar 2011

hi, to get a finish on re-grouting you have to have the grout removed back at least 3mm into the joint then a superflex grout would be needed, beware if these are ceramic tiles or polished porceline or polished stone this superflex could scratch as it is gritty. If these tiles are as mentioned then i would go and buy a non flex grout which is much, much smoother, then buy a flexi admix and add, this will make your grout flexi amd smoth. if you use a grout rake you will be there for a month of sundays, if this is the only way you can then i would go and get grout residue remover and pour it on to the joints, this will eat away at the grout and make it slighty easier.
I personally have a bosh multimaster hand tool which is farly cheap but the tiling kit for it is same price as the machine but you just put it on to the grout joints and it vibrates the grout out, very good tool or you could get a grout remover blade for a 4 and half inch grinder if your got a steady hand

kind regards


Answered 21st Mar 2011

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