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Adjust pitch/cut into roof

Hi, I am looking into an extension, which will (i think) mean making a new hallway at the end of what is currently a bedroom. The only issue is the ceiling at that end pitches as the rooms are partially in the roof - at this stage I am not sure how much room is between ceiling and roof to know whether I can cut into the ceiling enough for headroom - or whether I should be thinking of adjusting the pitch of the roof for that 10ft of the room.....

what are ball park costs for adjusting a room pitch?

hope that makes sense...

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It sounds to me that the ceiling follows the roof joists,that means you have only got max 100mm between ceiling and roof ,solution would be to strip roof back and cut a dormer into roof to give you head height.Cost1500=00.


Answered 19th Mar 2011

It all depends if the roof that you need to raise is to the front of the property or the side or to the rear ,and the perlings in your roof spiral stairs may be the less expensive if the ceiling in the bed room slope down you can bet it is the roof joist
if you can give more info I would beable to help you more ,dormers to the front of your property need planing even if you do not have a window there you dont need planing to the rear of the property but no matter if you are altering the pich of any roof you will need building regs and if it is more than 45% of the side of the roof you are removing to rase it has to be insulatad by law from october 2010 hope this is of help to you


Answered 20th Mar 2011

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