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Should i pick a qualified/registered electrician?

I need some extra ceiling lighting, maybe wall lights and one or two extra sockets in a bedroom. I have asked for quotes for this, combined with re-plastering. I have had responses from people experienced in electrical work, but without qualifications/registration. Is it important that the person doing this is qualified/registered? What should I be looking for?

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Asolutely YES! As the householder it is your legal responsibility to ensure that electrical work undertaken within your home is carried out by a registered electrician and complies with Part P of the building regulations. Failure to do this may result in you being fined up to £5000 for breaching the regulations.

Part P came into effect in 2005 after an MP's daughter was killed by poor quality electrical works, and since then all electrical works must be carried out by a registered installer and an electrical certificate issued on completion of the work.

Google Part P for more information or take a look at the Electricity Safety Council website for some great FREE consumer guides that explain the situation in more detail.

Unregistered electricians seldom if ever issue certificates and will always be cheaper than using a registered electrician. The main issue comes though when you come to move and sell on the property, as 9 times out of 10, this is when the council and conveyancer find that there is no certificate and the works have not been registered under part P! Often resulting in the sale falling through and wost case the electrical work being redone!

Best way to ensure everything will be OK is to hire an NICEIC registered electrician, you can ask to see their NICEIC Identity card and/or check out their registration online at the niceic website. There are other scheme operators for electricians such as NAPIT and ELECSA, but NICEIC is the biggest.

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Answered 9th Jan 2012

Electrical Safety Services

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We (and most builders) ONLY use a qualified electrician and would suggest that you should do the same.Electrical work shouldnt be done by people that "know a bit".If they know enough,why havent they gone part p? What comeback would you have if in the worst case scenario,someone got electrocuted by this work? The extra money for a proper electrician is a necessity in my opinion.

Answered 9th Jan 2012

Roc builders

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Never take chances with electricity. This work is not notifiable under part P because it is not a new circuit or in the kitchen, bathroom or outside but a qualified electrician should always be used and the proper tests and minor works certificate issued.

Answered 9th Jan 2012

ICM Electrical Services Limited

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Electrical Safety Services has hit the nail on the head with regards to having a registered and competant electrician to undertake any work that you may have . The point is yes you can get it cheaper , but what price do you put on your loved ones getting hurt or worse , could you live with the guilt knowing this could be avoided if only you spent that extra £100 or so . Personally all work we undertake is 100% safe , 100% guaranteed so the onus is on us if something goes wrong , so we make sure it doesnt .If the electrician is with a registered scheme then they are tracable through that provider and less likely to jeopardize their membership with below standard workmanship .If the electrician isnt with a registered scheme then its your word against theirs , if of course you can track them down , leave another message on the answer phone , sure they'll reply one day !

Answered 9th Jan 2012


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Answered 16th Jan 2012

D A Electrical

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For you own safety and to avoid fines, you should use a qualified electrician

Answered 17th Jan 2012

TJS Electrical Services

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