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Is the glass option: low e argon good glass and sound out?

I had the LOW E ARGON glass fixed with my windows installed and I am getting road noise still. Could anyone confirm this glass is good or not?

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Hi crayford

Most double glazed units are Low-E argon windows and designed to minimize the effects of the outside climate on the interior temperature. When they are used, the interior climate of a home can be maintained longer before the heater or air conditioning must kick in to readjust the temperature. This is partly achieved through a double- or triple-pane design. Single-pane windows, multi-paned windows provide additional protection against air leakage.
As for sound proofing you can get glass that sound proof which is more expensive.

Hope this helps

Trvor & Mike

Answered 9th Jan 2012

ID Windows Doors Glazing

Member since 21 Nov 2011

A standard EnergiKare 28mm unit is design to prevent heat loss and allow more natural heat through from sunlight. They are not designed to combat road noise. Triple glazed units offer better noise reduction, or two panes of 8mm glass 8/12/8. If not stated you will get 4mm, 4/20/4.

Answered 9th Jan 2012

Birkenshaw Windows

Member since 8 Nov 2010

Do you have trickle vents fitted in your windows?
If you have, ( and a lot of new installations do)... then you will have noise coming through them. In my humble opinion trickle vents spoil double glazing for sound insulation because you have big slot cut outs in the frame going straight to the outside with only a thin plastic flap to cover it.
An 8/12/8 double glazed unit is not correct as it will be too heavy for normal domestic double glazing frames and having 2 panes of the same thickness allows sound waves to pass through easier. What you want is 6.8 acoustic glass on the outside with 4mm low E on the inside. The difference in the glass thickness blocks the sound waves more effectively.

Answered 13th Sep 2018

SGD Window Services

Member since 20 May 2013

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