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We would like to re site our front door into an opening on front of our house. what would be the cheapest way of doing it?

We have a door way space that you walk onto a step and then 2 exterior doors which allows two differtn entrances into the house. Would like to remove both of them and just have an exterior door on the front of house the the doorway space. I hope that makes sense?!?

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Check the state of the doors before you remove them.The door may recess behind the stone/brick work. It may be worth having a joiner take a look first.
The cost of a new door usually includes disposing of the old one so shop around for prices. It may be cheaper to get a new door. Trying to remove and keep a door intact is quite time consuming, hence a high labour charge.


Answered 10th Jan 2012

Hi tag4e

It depends on the opening ie the correct size. If you measure the opening brick to brick hight and with.Then take off half an inch this will be the door size you require. Then go the a DIY store to see if they have your size door.This is your cheapest option.

Hope this helps

Trevor & Mike


Answered 9th Jan 2012

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