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Can I ask an interior architect to draw plans and prepare documents for a house extension?

Anonymous user 16 March 2018 - 1.56 PM

Good afternoon. I would like to extend my house and wanted to hire an interior architect to do all the plans and building regulations drawings. I am not sure what kind of certificate they have to own to proceed with this job, I just want to be sure they are registered professionals. I've read, interior architects, can do interior design as well as work with existing building and reconstruct it and that is exactly what I need. For example, an architect needs to have a RIBA membership, what about an interior architect and builders. Hope someone can help me. Thank you very much in advance.

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GAV Studio

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Hi Sasha, I have to disagree a bit with Studio KAZAAD. In England you do not have to be a registered architect to practice architecture, anyone can do it, but the only thing is that legally you cannot call yourself an architect as it is a legally protected status. For example, I studied Architectural Design & Technology, a course accredited by CIAT (Chartered Institute of Architectural Technology) and I can provide a full architectural service, but I cannot call my self an architect, thus the word "architectural" (architectural technician, architectural designer, architectural technologist etc). So an Interior Architect/Designer can be fully well equipped to provide a full architectural service depending on his/her experience! It's all up to the individual's knowledge. You do not need to hire a registered architect! Even you can do the drawings, is up to liability and knowledge and that's the truth.


6 March 2020



Anonymous user

Hello, You will need to hire a registered architect to do all the plans such as a house extension and building regulations drawings. As you mentioned correctly, the architect is a registered title under the ARB ruling as well as a member of the RIBA if they hold a Part 3 certificate. An interior architect deals with redesigning an interior structural layout of an existing building in which the facade remains the same. They cannot deal with house extensions since this involves building from the ground. In addition, they cannot use the title 'interior architect' as they have not studied a RIBA Part 1 or 2, let along RIBA Part 3. That means they are called Interior Designers in which they belong to BIID (British Institute of Interior Design). RIBA Architects can also provide interior architectural design in various buildings. Overall, interior architects can deal with the interior design and architects dealing with the exterior style, character and design of the building that compliments landscape context of the built environment. Hope this answer helps you.


17 March 2018