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Skirting boards on loft conversion

I have recently had a loft conversion done and the skirtings and arcs got done after the plastering as the builder said this was the correct way as when it gets skimmed I lose the profile on the top of the skirting. After the plasterer finished it left a few gaps around the room when he can around to fitting the skirtings.

I have had another joiner say to me it is the wrong way and the skirtings should have went on before it was plastererd. Could you let me know who is right.


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Hi there I am a plasterer and a painter and decorator and the correct way is to fit the scurtain after plastering and many other tradesmen would agree with me I always fit them last to allow for caulking of the gaps etc just in case the walls are not one hundred percent flush


Answered 15th Mar 2018

To avoid getting the new skirting dirty and to make it easier for plasterers its usually attached after the plastering. Up to 3mm gaps are common and not a problem since decorators caulk/mastic should be applied anyway.


Answered 16th Mar 2018

I agree the plaster should be done frist and you painter should of picked them gaps up and filled them with painters mate (caulk)


Answered 16th Mar 2018

Plastering first then apply coving and skirting
A decorator will then use decorating cork if there's any gaps after been applied, so it becomes flush
Hope this helps 👍


Answered 16th Mar 2018

Plaster then skirting and coalk up
Water from plastering will damage the wood or mdf and ruin a good job


Answered 20th Mar 2018

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