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Black granite cobbles

I have tried cementing some black granite cobbles outside front of my cottage with a normal mortar mix. Looks awful any advice please on a different mortar mix/ additive!

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if you go to a builders yard and ask them for a charcoal cement dye and mix it to your preferred color you should have no problems just don't add to much water or sand because once it dries the color changes depending on either two much water or to much sand regards peter


Answered 13th Mar 2018

Hi, You can set the cobbles into a solid mortar screed and then use a resin based jointing compound on the top, the benefit of this is that it doesn’t mark any of the cobbles and comes in a range of colours! I would suggest “Easy Joint”, “Pavetuff”or “Geo-fix”. Hope it goes well!


Answered 15th Mar 2018

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