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I’m redecorating my bedroom and would like to replace all the skirting boards but I already have a carpet laid that I’m not planning on replacing. Can this be done without damaging the carpet?

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Hi Shirley
If it’s not practical to lift the carpet and re-lay after , then you should roll back the edges , out of the way .
Gripper rods could obstruct removal of the old skirting , so take care. And remember , the new skirting needs to be at least the same thickness as the old , otherwise you’ll have a gap around your carpet.
Completely paint the new skirting before uninformed the carpet back.
In an ideal word , the jobs so much easier if the carpet completely lifted. Take care.


Answered 8th Mar 2018

Should be fine as long as skirting is the same thickness most skirting is stuck so relatively easy to get off


Answered 15th Mar 2018

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