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I have had a re-roof and it is leaking everywhere, what can i do?

I had a re-roof and have had problems constantly along the way. Firstly they didn't do the whole roof, they fell short by about 2-3 feet. They then came back and just nailed tiles on top of the old slate which luckily my neighbour noticed and flagged it up to me. So then they came back and took up that bit and put new felt down and put the tiles back on. I then noticed they had missed the same bit out on the front, but behind the chimney so it wasn't clear to see unless you were a fair distance from the house, which was causing it to leak. I also had a waterfall coming off the front of my house due to the flashing not pointing to the gutter. So they came back for a 3rd time and apparently fixed it.

I still have water leaking into both the front and rear bedrooms and I am having no response from the builder. It is just getting worse and worse every day. One of the rooms was only plastered in July so it is becoming a waste of money the more it leaks.

I was hoping someone would be able to give me some advice on what I can do? I presume my only option is to get another contractor in to fix the problems and attempt to recover the money I have already paid through small claims court? Am I entitled to try and claim for the damages caused by the leaks which have only come about after they "fitted a new roof".

Also, can anyone offer any advice on how to get a decent roofer. I have used this site to obtain two roofers, the first one came and performed a repair then told me I needed a new roof and then the second one did the worst job possible (they both had 100% positive feedback).

Thanks for any responses.

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Good evening,
My name is Derek Thorn. I have read the above. Insurances, Guarentees etc, all to good to talk about but it does not solve this persons problem. I have been slating for over 30 years living in the lake district, so I know about slating. I now live in North wales this last two years. I would be happy to supply my labour free of charge to help you in your time of need if still needed. Just drop me a line.
I thought a quote was a quote whats this adding 15/20% ontop of the bill. Do your home work befor you quote...


Answered 5th Jan 2013

Sounds like you have had some bad luck picking the roofers, its obvious the guys you had in are cowboys that give the rest of the good honest tradesmen a bad name.
Believe me there are some good tradesmen, do you know of any friends etc who have had similar work done, and they can recomend them.
You need to find a roofing firm that belongs to some kind of federation and gaurantees their works, get at least three quotes and ask to see some of their work.
I would persue it through the courts, whatever it costs to put right plus the extra damage caused, you might find that they are no longer trading.
As you have already said, you have had 2 roofers from this site and wasnt happy with their work, I wont suggest trying again, I assume when you said they have 100% feedback, you have now left negative feedback.


Answered 5th Jan 2012

if you got the roofers of this site did leave them feed back ?
feedback should not be left on any roofing work until the roof has been rained on at least a couple of times.
their is no mention of building regs as it was a re-roof building regs should have signed it of, it is now compusory that building regs are involved on all roofs where more tha 25% of the roof covering is replaced or removed as well as all loft insulation is upgraded to current gov specs 270mm.
you should then recieve conformation from building control that the work is up to scratch.
you have to contact the person you used and give them a resinable time scale to correct their faults if they fail to comply.
then you can employ an other roofer but dont be surprised if the whole roof has to be taken of and re-done as it sounds a mess but without looking at it cannot really tell what the prolems are

if the person was off this site they must have public liability insurance for the job they have done while it does not cover bad workmanship it will cover damage caused by the bad wok i.e. water damaged ceilings,walls, this would be my first port of call their insurance company.
it is reasonible to assume from what you have wrote this person knows nothing about roofs and has probably under quoted to achieve the work, unfortunally the cost of the under quote must be re claimed from somewhere as in your case quick rather than proper job.
you can take them through the small claims court but realistically this is probable only going to cost you more money in the long run with no return it sounds good but in reallity has no teeth even the polce,banks ect ignore small claims orders.
with any job you should always allow15-20% more than the initail quote to allow for the unexpected
while this site does take feed back seriously like any good householder you should also be making checks your self about jobs that this person has done,
ask for the names and address of people they have completed work for and check them yourself
while dealing with customers on a daily basis the one thing that i have discovered is if the customer wants a repair, repair it. got into to many arguments by telling a customer their roof is useless only to be told they
cannot afford to replace fully then find fault when the repair does not work
now just walk away and let someone else take the job.


Answered 5th Jan 2012

sadly it seems you have come across some bad roofers. if your job is leaking of course its their fault, they should fix any problems at no extra cost. if they did a reroof it sounds impossible for there to be any reason why it should be leaking apart from they haven't got a clue what there doing.
if they refuse to come back your right in thinking you'd have to take them to court. but at least you would get the money back for the job and any additional problems caused by there shoddy workmanship. builders like this should be outed. i'm a member of the FMB try that route and also report them to MYBUILDER see what they say. good luck


Answered 5th Jan 2012

Sorry to here about your situation,it seems to me that you have came across a cowboy roofing outfit.Please fill in the feedback section of my builder,so other people can be made aware of these so called traders.
If you are in my work area please get in contact
I would only be to clad to help you out.
Best of luck
TRM Building/Roofing


Answered 29th Jul 2012

I have a very good reputable roofing firm. 100% first class. Sounds like the roof needs redoing. If you need the job done properly contact me and I can put you onto this firm which you will be totally satisfied with no complication. Such a shame that there are people out there that rip customers off. I hope that you get things sorted and yes take them to a small claims court and you will win the case and rightfully get your money back plus compensation for the stress it has caused you. So sorry to hear this has happened to you. All the best


Answered 26th Oct 2017

check and make sure who ever fixes your roof is insured and offer you a guarantee


Answered 10th Aug 2012

Just like to say well done thorn roofing if I was closer would have give you a hand good to see I’m not the only kind hearted roofer out there. I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if this was one of my jobs but bet the original con man sleeps like a baby b*****d


Answered 20th Jun 2020

If you have suffered a financial loss and have internal damage as a result of poor workmanship, then it may be worth contacting your Household Insurer. IF you have legal cover and negligence can be proved then they may attempt recovery (subrogation) for the cost of the damage caused. It’s only a phone call and worth a try – best of luck!


Answered 2nd Aug 2012

Try to get to them by they Public liability insurance court can only bankrupt them and you will be left with £5/month bugger off paid by them...
If you are local look on my profile
First I have PLI this give you guarantee no matter what
And I will give you References from 2 Pro local roofing companies and countless customers for your comfort
Gregory Zwolski


Answered 13th Feb 2012

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