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Prefered method for laying stone slabs

Could someone kindly explain the method for laying sindian stone slabs regarding bed mix and depths?

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Sub-Base to comprise of 100-150mm compacted hardcore/type 1 coarse aggregate.
Slabs to be laid on a full bed of mortar comprising of Limestone dust/Sharp Sand/Cement at a ratio of 2:2:1
Slabs to be pointed with either a sand cement mortar or an easyjoint compound


Answered 26th Feb 2018

Indian sandstone to be laid on a full bed of mortar. Some company’s dot and dab but it’s not strong enough!
If laying in cold conditions make sure add frost proofed to your mix. Pva bond also helps in your mortar mix to bind suction to the slabs.


Answered 26th Feb 2018

The standard practice for the base is nearly always compacted aggregate, I was taught to use a mix of cement ( perhaps 6 parts ballast to 1 part cement.) to
a minimum of three inches on good ground, up to what ever you can afford, slabs are only as good as what is holding them in place. It will last a lot longer than compacted material, less movement, less weed penetration, doesn't cost much more and doesn't need a secure surround to compact the material properly. I would agree with other contributers though,a full bed of mortar is a must, sandstone is a natural product and can have flaws and unseen fractures, a full support underneath will prevent failures. Only use sand and cement pointing if troweling in (only slightly moist), it's quite a skill to do well, and is worth the effort. Never just brush a cement mix into the joints, it is a bit hit and miss and is not going to last long. If brushing in, use a product that is made for the job.


Answered 3rd Mar 2018

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