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A friend of mine has fitted some skirting board recently but i noticed soon afterward that in some corners he has not cut a right angle when joining to the end of the this correct???

instead the skirting goes straight against the wall. As the adjacent wall still needs to have the skirting fitted I can't understand how he will be able cut the skirting flush as he has not cut the existing board with a right angle???

My mate is a chippy so I would assume he knows what he is doing but it don't look right. I might add I know nothing of wood work so I'm prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Is there some new way of fitting skirting board I've not heard about?

And if not any advice how to fix it with out tearing the skirting board off again?

Many Thanks!!

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Leave it to the chippy.He knows what he is doing.Some mate you are checking his work on the internet.I expect your hoping to pay mates rates as well are you.


Answered 5th Jan 2012

Hi rjarman

Your mate know's what he is doing...

Google 'scribing skirting boards'

Kind regards



Answered 5th Jan 2012

Hi there, I believe your mate will be scribing your skirting board. Which means, your 1st piece of skirting goes straight into the wall and the next bit will be scribed to the same profile of skirting that you have so it joins perfectly in the corner. This is probably the best way to do skirting, as cutting mitres all the time can sometimes be a pain if your walls are not straight or at 90 degrees. Hope this helps :)


Answered 5th Jan 2012

As corners are never a perfect 90 degree your carpenter is correct ie, butt the first piece against the wall, the section coming into it will be scribed and you shouldnt see any gaps and no need for filling.


Answered 5th Jan 2012

He knows what hes doing, lol, but dare u to call him a cowboy !


Answered 5th Jan 2012

lol yes this is correct he is scribing the skirting this crops up alot from customers so dont feel too bad


Answered 10th Aug 2012

Your mate knows exactly what he's doing, don't panic! Don't feel too bad ok! LOL.


Answered 13th Jul 2012

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