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Sharp sand underneath artificial turf

Should sharp sand be used on the preparation surface underneath artificial turf. Also should kiln sand always be used on the finished turf surface?

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Normally you need to put down about 2" or 50mm of MOT and wacker plate it down and then put down 2" or 50mm sharp sand and wacker plate that down then lay the grass and brush kiln dried sand across the top surface to make the grass piles stand up this is how I've been doing it, I hope it helps.


Answered 22nd Feb 2018

To be honest and fair that is a cheap and tacky solution, but if you would like to down this road, then a decent sharp sand, and heavy roller.


Answered 22nd Feb 2018

Sharp sand should be used yes, 30mm I have found to be the perfect amount also put a shock absorbent material on top of that

Not only does the kiln dried sand help the pile stand up it also helps weigh the Artificial grass down as well as smooth out any potential creases


Answered 24th Feb 2018

Yes u can use sharp sand I would recommend 40 to 50 mm . Kiln dried sand helps make your grass stand up .


Answered 23rd Feb 2018

I would normally go with a minimum 50 mm type1 compacted base and minimum 50 mm sharp sand and then weed membrane. I'm using a good 40mm turf at the moment so no need for sharp sand to make the tufts stand up. Hope this helps.


Answered 19th Feb 2019

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