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Just had my first attempt at fitting a new toilet, but using the shortest pan-connector i could find, i was still left with a 2" gap between the cistern and wall (oops!). how do i "build out" the gap?

I've been advised to batten the wall then fix a sheet of mdf on the front, to form a column with a shelf on the top but what exactly does this mean?

Am I right in thinking that there should be two vertical battens, where the securing screws will go, with the sheet of mdf on top to form the shelf?

It is a push button flush so wouldn't want to obstruct that and will have to remove the cistern lid from time to time for access. Any ideas?

Update 7/1/12

Just wanted to say thanks for the advice and tips I received on MyBulder

I got my toilet problem sorted today after deciding to go with the majority of advice and attempted cutting an inch off both the soil pipe and pan connector, which gave me the room to push the toilet into better position to secure it to the wall.

Saved me the hassle of a "build out" job, cheers guys!

Thanks for the help, I'll be sure to pass on any hints & tips to anyone in the same predicament!


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Just get yourself a flexible pan connector !! simple

Answered 4th Jan 2012

Northwest Roofing and Building Maintenance

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You can various sizes/lengths of pan connectors and multi quicks, also ajdustable ones.
Measure the size then get one from your local plumbers merchants, you can also cut them to suit.

Answered 4th Jan 2012


Member since 29 Oct 2008

use a flexi ,there should be no probs then

Answered 4th Jan 2012


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Hi Hugo,

Is there no way you can cut 2" off the soil pipe? Or use a different connector to push the toilet back...

You have to to build a frame work from the floor upto where you want your shelf to be behind your toilet...this frame needs to be fixed to the wall, with mdf on the front/face and sides...screw the cistern into that. The shelf would be fixed on top, probably made out of a piece of window board or similar. Mdf isnt much use in a bathroom or toilet. You'd have to purchase moisture resistant or external mdf (both green).

In all honesty (if you cant move the toilet back some way) my advice would be get a chippy to do the boxing, depending on how nice you want it to look. Boxing's look like rabbit hutches unless done well.

Kind regards


Answered 4th Jan 2012

Rebel Carpenter

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You can go to your local plumbers merchant and get a pan connector you can actually cut down

It will save you a lot of hassle building it out

Answered 4th Jan 2012

cms joinery

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have you tried using an off set conector? this shoild do it with out battons and board.

Answered 4th Jan 2012

Reading Bathrooms and Kitchens

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Hi Hugo,
I notice that no one has asked you if the soil pipe comes up out of the floor or directly through the wall or indeed from the side! This is important to know as it will determine which course of action to take.
Please avoid building boxing if you can, it looks unprofessional, unsightly and reduces your usable floor space which these days is at a premium
My advise would be to contact Multikwick who manufacture these connectors and explain your dilemma. They will provide you with the most viable solution.
The technical team email is- and their phone number is 020 8855 9851

Hope this helps

Answered 7th Jan 2012

First Choice Construction

Member since 22 Feb 2011

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