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What type of decking to choose for my terrace?


I need new decking on my terrace, and I am feeling very confused to what type of decking I should go for. The terrace is 3.8 m x 6.30 m, south facing, and is situated on upper ground floor with a garage (for the whole building) below. Does it matter if it is hard or soft wood or composite or is that just a matter of taste?

Would be very helpful for any guidance.
Many thanks!

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Hi Sara,
I wouldn't worry too much about the deck board.
Soft wood need more care to preserve the life of the board. So a good quality treatment once a year will help it last.
Hard wood deck a little less treatment needed but I would still maintain it to preserve it's life.
Composite decking needs no after care but costly.
The most important thing is the sub frame.
I'd advise black jacking once constructed this will make it last soo much longer.
Kind regards,


Answered 21st Feb 2018

Hi Sara

I agree with Piers as above

Softwood is ultimately the cheaper way to do it as long as the source of wood used isn't home grown as this has a higher tendancy to cup, split, warp and crack and will it will need a coat of deck oil every year or so to preserve it.

Hardwoods such as Balau and IPE are more hard wearing (IPE has the same fire rating as concrete) and will still need oiling just not as much as every year.

Composite decking is very expensive but has a wider colour range to choose from and doesn't need any aftercare at all,

I hope this helps



Answered 22nd Feb 2018

Hi Sara,
With 18 years experience in deck building i would always recommend composite decking if you can fit it into your budget, if not timber decking can still provide a lovely outdoor area but will need more attention, like Pete advises above make sure all timber is tanilised and not untreated, also suitable screws and fixings must be used throughout, with regards to maintenance always use a good preserver and you wont have much to worry about


Answered 17th Mar 2018

Hi Sara
I’ve fitted a lot of decking over the last 10 years, I would recommend that all the framework is kept away from any soil with a good airflow beneath, of course always use tanilised timber and dip any ends in a tar based paint that touch the ground

If you are to use soft wood, try to avoid the budget brands that sometimes are only 25mm thick, I always use 38mm over 400mm centres , vital thing with decking is to clean every year with a good antifungicidal and treat with a trade brand decking oil or preserver


Answered 23rd Feb 2018

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