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Fitting laminate over concrete subfloor...what underlay do I need and which is the best (specific examples/ brands if possible please as have tries looking myself but millions of types out there)

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First make sure you have a moisture membrane DPM then an underlayment for soundproofing and heating then your laminate flooring.
Please note very cheap and thin laminates WILL warp/blister/shrink,belly, and
expand in front of your eyes.
Quality Always.


Answered 20th Feb 2018


I use this one most of the time:

It's a good quality and does a bit of soundproofing too.
Stick them together with a duct tape to keep boards in place.

Cheaper alternative would be:

Or a foam one for quick installation:


Answered 20th Feb 2018

First of all you need a Rh% test on your concrete to make sure it's below 75%, then you can use an underlay with a vapour barrier attached making sure to tape the joints with a vapour tape, 2 quality underlays are Timbermate Excel or Cush'n Wood


Answered 23rd Feb 2018

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