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I'd like to fit an ensuite bathroom next to the master bedroom but have to install a new soil pipe, given the details below, is this a difficult job?

The room I would like to convert is at the back of the house above the kitchen. The soil pipe for the house goes through the centre of the back of the house so is too far for us to use for the ensuite.
There is a manhole and a foul water drain just outside the kitchen. As we will need a new soil pipe, would we be able to connect it to one of these outlets?

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yes i agree with the saniflo option, there are some extensive saniflo options in the range that can take shower,basin,wc and pump it to suitable soil location at quite a range 1 1/2 waste pipe work.. cheaper,neater option,can be boxed behind wc tiled and lost, access required of course. just done this last year where we had an access panel in adjacent room with a neat door! fused spur required.

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Answered 4th Jan 2012

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You can run a new soil pipe to the man hole assuming that it is for sewage, however it has many factors that need to be taken into account which will effect the cost.
Depending on how deep the manhole is, will depend on what needs to be done.
If it is a shallow manhole (ie there is only 1 or 2 rows of bricks) then the entire manhole will need to be altered to suit.This can be a problem if the drains are shared with other properties.
If it is a deep manhole the pipe can be run to the manhole with minimum alterations required.
And of course whatever is between the drains and where the soil stack is to be placed will need to be dug up.

All in all this work either way will be quite expensive and need to be done properly, as the last thing you want is sewage leaking.
It may be worth thinking about using a macerator which can be installed running the pipes inside the house to the existing soil stack and with the correct macerator you can run the toilet/sink/shower waste. This should work out less expensive and have less impact on the time it takes to install the ensuite.

Hope this helps

Answered 4th Jan 2012

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Join a new soil pipe to the kitchen sink drain by removing the gulley
(the trap of water drain) andconneting to it , the kitchen waste then goes into the new soil pipe.

Answered 4th Jan 2012

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You may well find having a saniflo installed will be a much cheaper option

Answered 4th Jan 2012


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