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I need to replace a toilet seat. On older units this is normally a straight forward process of unscrewing wing nuts under the edge of the pan and replacing like with like. However we have a sealed pan unit ie there is no fixing underneath and the pan is sealed to an enclosed unit that contains the water systern . All that is visible are single screws that goes through the top of the hinges. I'm reluctant to unscrew them in case something drops within the pan and I have to remove the whole pan itself to access the fixings. I'm hoping that if I unscrew the hinge screw I can lift the old seat off and simply srew the new seat on . Is this the case?

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Hi wayne_16, there are 2 possible scenarios. Firstly, the toilet seat may have been fitted to the pan before the pan was fitted to the back to wall unit. To remove you will need to take out the pan and get to the nuts underneath. You could just remove the seat, allow the nuts to fall and replace with well nuts (see below). Secondly, the fitter may have used well nuts in the holes in the pan and fitted the toilet seat to the pan from above. Well nuts are a flanged bush with a captive nut that the fixing for the toilet seat screws into. The advantage of well nuts are that access is only needed to one side and the seat can be removed without removing the pan. Hope this helps. Tony Bright (ABCO Property Services)


Answered 18th Mar 2011

Often, concealed toilets have seats that are accessible without removing the pan. If your seat hinges sit on the pan on what look like chrome discs, then try lifting the discs by swivelling them. They can bit tight sometimes so dry hands needed. Avoid prizing them up with anything!


Answered 18th Mar 2011

There are also some new fixings coming with RAK ceramics, who sell to Frontline and Q4 etc. Basically a bolt is inserted into a piece of rubber tubing (same a car heater hoses) and a washer and nut put on the end. Tighten the bolt, the rubber is squashed in place and hold the seat fixing down, simple and effective, if primitive to look at when you fit them, when in place you don't see anything but your nice shinining new seat brackets.
Regards Mark


Answered 1st Apr 2011

I have the same problems with Wetherspoon toilets they are all BTW (Back To Wall) pans and we can only use Anti Vandal Seats & the fittings supplied with them. We overcome the problem by using toggle bolts and washers. That way the seat can be made up and the toggle bolts put on and dropped through the holes without loosing them and tightenend from above.


Answered 29th Mar 2011

you should be ok to just unscrew the seat
when the toilet pans are made they either stick a plastic threaded nut to inside or they are on a rubber that expands on tigtening
but be careful not to snap the bolt as they do tend to rust
hope this helps


Answered 18th Mar 2011

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