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We've recently had a new Howdens V-groove laminate floor fitted throughout the ground floor.

Unfortunately we discovered a leak from a pipe behind the sink which ultimately lead to water escaping underneath the laminate. As a result this seems to have pooled and seaped up through a bad join, warping the panel giving a very bad finish.

Is there any way this can be fixed without pulling up the whole floor?

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Unfortunately I'd say no, if it's warped it's because they have soaked up water so need replaced and as it's put in row by row it needs to come out that way up to the point it's damaged


Answered 15th Feb 2018

It's possible to replace couple of panels without redoing the entire floor.
You can cat a section of damage flooring with a plunge saw (or circular saw) 15mm away from joints around the affected area.
Then trim a bit of tongue from locking ridges of new panels and glue them in using waterproof wood adhesive.
A good carpenter should be able to sort it out.


Answered 16th Feb 2018

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