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Wiring for a bosch oven

We have recently installed a Bosch oven (http://www.bosch-home.ie/productlist/cooking-baking/cookers-and-ovens/built-in-ovens/HBN331E7B#/Togglebox=2127537278/). It is currently installed through a plug/socket, rather than hardwired. I have been told that this is unsafe. The oven is on its own dedicated breaker switch which was there from the previous oven.

I have the following questions:

1. Does this need to be hard wired?
2. The wire in the wall is 2.5mm. Is this sufficient for the oven? The total connected load electric is 2.35 KW.


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Alan, Although there are always things which may not be safe about any particular installation, your description does not ring any warning bells to me. 2.23KW ( or >10Amp) is fine on a standard 13A plug and socket. (I suspect the oven came with a plug attached). If its a dedicated circuit for that one socket only then 2.5mm T&E is fine. Even if it passes through thick insulation on its way to the breaker it is capable of carrying 13.5A. In most cases though I would expect to see a 16A breaker.
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Answered 14th Feb 2018

Robin Hoad

Member since 13 Feb 2018

Hi Alan, your oven does need to be wired to a dedicated separate circuit in you consumer unit with either a 32A or 40A type b rated breaker.
A minimum cable size of 6mm is a given for a fixed oven.
There are a number of good reasons not to have this on a “plug ” as you may cook or overload the ring circuit, as when your ring circuit was designed it would of had diversity applied, and you don't know it's not a radial from the ring circuit etc. These are just a couple of simple reasons without getting to complicated.

Answered 14th Feb 2018

Aurora Property services

Member since 19 May 2016

Hi most domestic ovens now are low KW, easiest way to explain think of your oven as a kettle👍 A plug is fine and doesn’t even need its own supply as it’s only 2.35kw as long as the circuit it is plugged into is safe and rcd protected, it is a domestic property so should be. If your still unsure ask a local electrician to check the circuit you are plugging it into.

Answered 16th Feb 2018

RW Electrical Plumbing And Heating Ltd

Member since 5 Feb 2018

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