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Leaking shower tray by the door frame?

Hi, I have a leak where the frame of the shower door meets the shower tray. I have checked and triple checked the silicone all the way around and it looks ok, the water is getting in under the frame of the door to where it meets the shower tray but I cannot see where. Short of taking apart the frame and disturbing the rest of the tray, I am lost to what to do next? Can anyone help really fed up with this now.

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Quite often it's difficult to find an issue when it comes to leaking shower enclosure.
Usually it's a trail and error process.
If the silicone has been applied correctly and there aren't any gaps or holes then I would check door seals if I were you.
And spraying the door form inside as mentioned above is the best way to check for leakage.
Though you can do it on your own!
Just grab the shower head from above turn the water on and close the door.
Direct water flow onto the door from high level and you should see if it's waterproof or not.

Good luck


Answered 13th Feb 2018

It's normally the sealant. Just repairing part of it doesn't normally work, but removing all of the interior sealant and trim normally uncovers some mould that shows water ingress. I have never had one where stripping out the sealant and re-sealing had not solved the problem. For the price of a tube of sealant and a few hours work, it's worth doing this as a start before ripping out the shower door, which has a high chance of cracking or breaking a tile where the enclosure has been adhered to the tiles, which they often are.


Answered 14th Feb 2018

shower screens are sealed on outside not on the inside this is to allow any water that gets into screen frame can run back into shower enclosure and into shower tray.


Answered 15th Feb 2018

Difficult to say without seeing the shower but i would say its the silicone some can look good but leak when someone is standing in the tray. If you can get a volunteer to stand in the tray and spray the door this should show the problem. the other thing it could be is if the shower has been sealed inside as well as on the outside this seems to trap water in the frame until it finds a weak point and leaks out.


Answered 13th Feb 2018

The silicone should be applied to all the elements of the shower frame on the joints and the wall installation. Dry the shower well, install the silicone in all the gaps, check the gaskets and the top of the shower, apply silicone between the frame and the bottom of the shower.


Answered 15th Feb 2018

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