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QuestionThere's a smell of rotten eggs in our spare bedroom next to the bathroom. We have just bought the house and had a new bathroom fitted. The smell is terrible - what would you suggest? Thank you!

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There could be a variety of sources for the bad egg smell. The gas itself is hydrogen sulphide and is present in the sewerage system. It would seem reasonable to assume that it is coming from the new bathroom either waste system or toilet connection to the main outlet. If I was in your situation I would contact the bathroom fitting operation and ask them to get it sorted out.

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photofinish contracts 3rd Jan, 2012

sounds like a drainage problem in the bathroom ie the trap seals being pulled out the traps and you getting a whiff of the sewer had same problem in my house before i renewed bathroom what was happening was every time we let bath water out it pulled the trap seal from the shower unit because they were teed together.
i stopped problem by taking each appliance to soil pipe directly you may be lucky and get away with antivac traps but you will need a plumber to change them..
hope this helps

AM heating 3rd Jan, 2012

Hi there,
If the smell wasn't there before your bathroom was fitted, you should probabaly call back the fitter, if the soil pipe for the toilet goes out under the floor, it may have a bad joint and when your new toilet was fitted it could have got disturbed.
Hope this helps

universal building services ltd 3rd Jan, 2012

Hi, I would suggest you get in immediate contact with the contractor who fitted your new bathroom as you obviously have an ongoing problem with the waste/soil water which needs immediate rectification.

AY Installations 3rd Jan, 2012

Sounds like a blocked or damaged drain/soil pipe?

Electrical Safety Services 3rd Jan, 2012

Hi, this could be a number of things, all you can do is have a good look see if you can find the reason, start with checking all waste and pipes for probs, also have a few boards lifted see if you can find anything under, such as pipes block or waste ; or even mice, rats birds got to be something causeing it best wishes colin.

Rigsby Property Maintenance 3rd Jan, 2012

The smell is from the drains. So either you have an open pipe or one of the water traps is not doing its job correctly.

sovereign plumbing and heating 3rd Jan, 2012

see if there is any old waste pipes which have not been blocked off you, might be getting the smells from that or check if the sink or bath has a trap.

S&J MAINTAINENCE 3rd Jan, 2012

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